Monday, January 15, 2024

Python script to automate login and extract cookie

 pip install requests

*****************create file*****************

import requests

url_login = "" # Replace with the actual login URL url_after_login = "" # Replace with the actual URL after login # Replace with your actual username and password payload = { "username": "your_username", "password": "your_password" } # Create a session to persist cookies session = requests.Session() # Perform the login response_login =, data=payload) # Check if login was successful (replace '200' with the appropriate success status code) if response_login.status_code == 200: print("Login successful") # Perform the action after login (e.g., skip OTP) response_after_login = session.get(url_after_login) # Get the value of the desired cookie (replace 'cookie_name' with the actual cookie name) cookie_value = session.cookies.get("cookie_name") if cookie_value: print(f"The value of the cookie is: {cookie_value}") else: print("The desired cookie was not found.") else: print("Login failed.")



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