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What is Java

Welcome to the world of Java Programming

What is Java?

Java is programming language and platform first released in 1995.

Java is one of the most widely used and robust programmings language. You can find it everywhere. Let us start our journey with JAVA.

This section describes Java. There is an interesting History behind the evolution of Java language. Be with us. You are entering in a beautiful world of programming.

   This is the First Example of Java. Just to show you the Simple class structure of Java.
    This class is just printing Hello World.

 These are the different application of Java.
 You can see here that Java is in every area. 
 So You can understand its importance better.

    Below are different applications of java. Java is used to build different kinds of applications.
    Each of the below applications described in the subsequent sections.

     Have you seen some Java Desktop Applications?.
     For Example, you make some simple calculator in java and run in your desktop.
     Desktop applications do not require browser help.

  Web Applications running on the server. For Example the HSBC, HDFC bank site.


  These are different Java platforms according to the users need.
For Example below link will take you to download the Java Standard Edition JDK 8.

   Now Each one of the editions Described with the help of examples.

Here Java SE contains the core java libraries.You can say these are the core Java libraries.

    After the core Java, you need to build Web Applications. For this you need Java EE which includes JSP,Servlet etc. By using these you can create best applications.

   Thank you for being with us. Visit for other sections of Java also.


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